Thursday, May 26, 2011

Yesterday's Wirral

Huzzah! History books!

Something I've been very eagerly awaiting arrived in the post today - three books from the Yesterday's Wirral series published by Ian Boumphrey and available from (no surprise) the Yesterday's Wirral website. These are fabulous local history guides to various parts of the Wirral and include a tremendous collection of period photos, time lines and text.
Yesterday's Wirral. More inspiration than I could have hoped for!
I was extremely lucky to get my hands on some of these as they are OOP. I just happened to get lucky in that when I emailed Ian (lovely guy BTW!) he had a few copies which had been returned to him by another chap.

The one I am most impressed with is Port Sunlight: A Pictorial History 1888 to 1953 which runs to a massive 120 x A4 pages and contains nearly 500 black and white photographs covering all manner of things backed up by 1,200 odd factoids.

To say these contain more inspiration that I could have hoped for is a massive understatement. It's going to take a good few days to read through them two or three times over. Then the real task begins of restraining my enthusiasm! Just tonight I've found great ideas for two of my protagonists - The Port Sunlight Company of Territorials ('D' Company, 4/5 Battalion, the Cheshire Regiment) and the Works Fire Guard.

See the bibliography page for full details...

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