Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Maps, maps, maps...

As I start to plan some activity in and around Port Sunlight I need a decent reference. Fortunately there are quite a few decent mapping sites on t'Internet which allow purchase and download of a range of good period maps.

Today I purchased and downloaded a "1923-1924 Popular Edition" at 1:30,000 scale from Cassini Maps. This gives me a good idea of the higher level features and terrain in and around Port Sunlight. Here's a snippet:

Port Sunlight and surrounds - 1923-1924 Popular Edition by Cassini Maps
I've also got my eye on a "1938 Pre-WWII" at 1:10,560 from Old Maps. That's super detailed and will give me some much more specific info on buildings, roads and terrain for individual scenarios. Even better it's bang on 1938 so I don't think I can do much better than that.


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