Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Port Sunlight Worker's Militia (PSWM)

Today I properly kicked off plans for the first of my factions - the Port Sunlight Worker's Militia a.k.a. the PSWM.

As I said in my opening post, the PSWM are more socialist than communist. They are composed of workers from the soap factory who have formed themselves into a militia to defend their jobs and homes and often "borrow" factory assets like trucks to further their activities. Whilst the factory managment don't directly endorse the PSWM they certainly turn a blind eye to their activities, happy to derive the benefits of their efforts whilst remaining in the background.

I've designed a flag for the PWSM to be carried into action alongside the unit. The sun and anchor represent Port Sunlight, whilst the red, white and blue are popular colours with the soap brand.

The initial strength will be a meagre 10 men composed of Leader, 2iC, Colour Bearer, LMG Gunner, Bomber and five Militia. They already have transport so it's time to get painting.

For more info see the factions page.

Cheerio comrades!

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